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Top 3 Cost-Saving Strategies Most Home Builders Won’t Tell You

Building your new house with an experienced contractor is one of the smartest ways to save more. Installing energy efficiency equipment is another. If you want to cut down on home building expenses, knowing where to begin is a crucial first step. South Texas homes are still affordable and finding a local builder you can trust is no longer a wild dream. Building a home and building up your bank balance don’t exactly happen together. Homebuilding is a major project, often drying out your life’s savings, forcing you to acquire debts on the way.

But here are the top 3 cost-saving ways that most buyers don’t consider yet these can help you have a peaceful sleep:

1. Hire a builder who has both experience and expertise

Why experience matters

As real estate still looks promising in the RGV, you won’t have to look far for experienced home builders. But how do you know who’s the one? When it comes to homebuilding, look past promises and look into results. When you begin short-listing builders, try to visit their existing and past projects. Get them to connect you with existing clients and find out how the building is holding. This is done so you don’t have to do a lot of repair and maintenance 6 months after you move in.

If you are just looking for lots, they have the finest ones. If you are thinking of customizing the layout, they have uncountable options. Even if you are just looking at home designs or you can’t decide whether you want to buy or just move in, try to find contractors who have been in the field for more than a decade. They are the top contenders because they have seen the markets change and are still around. Besides, they know the locality, the weather, and all the small details that matter. The least expensive bidder on your project is not always the best. But if you pay premium charges, you must demand premium services. And that can only be given by a premium builder.

Why expertise is needed?

Construction companies that are in for the long haul avoid cutting corners. They are the best at what they do because they are sincere and have a goal for themselves and their clients. Expert builders work with a big network of like-minded people. There are subcontractors, suppliers, planners, architects, surveyors, and resources in high places.

One of the most attractive resources in their net is the lender. They will help you get approval sooner than if you tried to get it by yourself, notwithstanding your credit score. They will help you make financial decisions. For instance, if you still have some mortgage from buying your lot, your builder will help you decide whether it is better to wait on the home project. These and many more things help you cut construction costs.

2. Know where to indulge

Features that are hard to alter

It is easy to get carried away with design and decor when you’re dreaming of a new home. You would stop at nothing but the best. Before you go all berserk and order the latest solid wood kitchen cabinet, take a moment. There are so many things to consider – the shape and size of the house, the number of floors, interior, paints, finishes, fixtures, roofing, knobs, shelves, cladding, built-in spaces, and whatnot. If you want to lower expenses, ditch the trends, pretty please. Homeowners often prioritize features that can’t be changed too often and invest more money in them. That way they can avoid expensive alterations later on. Or else, they are forced to live with rapidly-worsening materials.

Resale value

Some homeowners also save more by considering the resale value. The home needn’t be ‘finished’ in all aspects. Let’s take the example of the second, spare garage. If you are not immediately using it, you might think of giving it a basic finish and waiting. You never know when you will need to convert it into a community space like a media room. Things like that. Whatever you spend on now will have an impact on the house price a few years later. So cutting unwanted expenses now is the surest way to save.

Usable space

Also, when you are paying for the floor space, make sure you are paying for the space you actually use. If you see an area on the plan that is not going to be used by you, check it out with your builder. What is the total area of the house? How much of it is used up by the loft or the garage? Try to minimize empty square footage.

3. Increase Energy efficiency to save more

Look for seals on doors and windows

No matter where you decide to build, it pays to keep the energy bills low. Modern home designs are more suitable for energy efficiency. While eco-friendly materials give your home a cleaner feel, money saving tricks lie in the details. While the insulation is getting ready, do check carefully about heat exchange through windows. If doors and windows are not sealed properly, your energy bills will go out of control sooner than you expect. Also, check how the vents and exhausts function in the house. If possible get your HVAC and related equipment rated. A high energy rating on your materials also helps you save more.

Get the proper insulation

Talk to your builder about installing greener and affordable fixtures like lights, switches, and air conditioning.

What kind of insulation would be best for RGV homes? Batting or foam?

Stay close to amenities

Don’t forget the cost of connecting the house to the municipal water supply. You will also need to stay on the power grid. Each of these needs money so opt for a location where these amenities are close by. You don’t want to pay more for the same amenity because you happen to choose a far-away plot.


The perfect builder will be able to construct a home that matches your budget and preferences. So find out a certified, recognized local builder near your and get on with your home owing dreams.

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