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Mythbusting: The Truth About New Homes

The moment you say new homes, you hear a volley of warnings shots like “Custom-built homes are not for the faint-hearted.” Or, “go build a home from scratch only if you have lots of money and time to waste.” There are numerous such myths doing the rounds when you decide to look beyond cookie-cutter homes.

Time for a reality check. Here we have listed 5 myths prospective South Texas homeowners deal with that have little connection with reality:

Only the affluent can afford new, tailored homes

You have to be super rich to be able to afford personal touches to your house, right? Wrong. Based on your specifications, your realty services provider can draw up house plans for every budget. If you think new homes with a customized layout are expensive, think again.

When you buy a production home, you pay for things you might not want. But with a tailored home, you pay for your choice of flooring, finish, and fixtures.  Fancy a backyard pool? Include it in the plan. Hate fireplaces? Ask your builder to drop it from the design. It’s that simple.

Existing homes have better HVAC

Not really. Everything undergoes wear and tear and a home is no different. What was energy efficient 10 or even 5 years ago is likely not so today. And from this point onwards, there will only be a decline in performance. Whereas, if you build a new home you can install features that are more improved. Hence, you can increase the energy efficiency around the house and live a more eco-friendly life.

Besides, the money you think you’ll save by moving into an existing house will be spent doing repairs on the roof, fixtures, plumbing, and so on. Expect high HAVC bills.

You must have a site before you find a home builder

It’s one of those things that sound true just because it’s oft-repeated. The right realty service provider will not only find a suitable lot for your house but also have it assessed by professionals. What’s more, they will connect you with reliable builders and material suppliers. Together, this team will ensure that your vision of the dream home is actualized.

McAllen or Mission, builder services are quite comprehensive in these areas and they are better equipped to choose a site for you. Make sure the location is suitable for you and has facilities like shops or schools nearby. So, no, you don’t have to have a ready-made lot for the contractor.

You need deep architectural knowledge

Read about architecture if you like it but you don’t require a degree to buy your new home. We are talking custom residences so of course, you’ll be interested in floor plans, lighting, and the overarching ‘theme’ of the interiors. Your contractor is likely several steps ahead of you. You see they have been doing this for a long time (as any certified builder would) and possess the know-how. However, your preferences must be built into the design.

When you talk to interior designers on the team they will inform you of the quality and durability of the materials you wish to use. Is the insulation you are fond of going to survive past the first year? Do you think a spare room could double up as a guest bedroom? These are questions for the interior designer so make a long list of them. Ask for a 3D view of how it all is supposed to come together.

Financing new homes is tougher than old homes

Financing is an important part of the home buying process. Your realtor will most likely connect you with reliable financiers to make the entire course quick and transparent. As any builder will tell you, getting a pre-approval is essential before you get the loan. This will help you outline the budget and plan your expenses accordingly. You can maximize your investment this way. In most cases, getting pre-approved in the Mission area is not a hurdle if you work with the right builder. So don’t be misled by such claims. Talk to your realtor today.

The bottom line?

You see, it’s not just about old or new homes. It’s more to do with the right builder. So, get in touch with a reliable certified realtor in the Mission area and ask for your free consultation today.

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